In-Depth Pistol Training

Knowing how to handle a gun is important, especially if you are looking to purchase one. Black Dawg Training in Olympia, Washington, provides rifle and pistol training courses that will ensure you use best practices while handling or firing a gun.

First Step Pistol

An NRA course is for anyone who has not fired a handgun or needs orientation on how to handle a new gun. The course provides two hours of individual training on safety and handling, proper storage, how the gun functions, and shooting. You also get one hour or more of action range firing, depending on your
needs.  NOTE:  as of 15 May 2016, the NRA no longer supports this great class.  It is ideal for someone who already owns a gun and just needs instruction on that gun.  For that reason, I'm going to continue to teach this as a non-NRA course, but with the same content.

NRA Basic Pistol

This class applies a lot of information from the First Step Pistol course but expands to include all types of handguns. It provides more instruction and a longer period on the firing range with your chosen firearms. You also receive instruction and time shooting from additional positions.  NOTE:  This class has been modified by the NRA effective 15 May 2016.   To enroll for this course, go to and search for the Basic Pistol Course Phase One.  After you complete that course, contact me to get the actual shooting part of the course. 

Pistol and Ammo - Pistol Training

First Step Rifle

A beginners NRA course, it is for those who have not fired a rifle or require instruction regarding a new one. You will receive training regarding rifle safety and handling, as well as proper storage, shooting, and how the rifle functions. You also receive an hour or more of range firing practice.

NRA Basic Rifle

Mirroring the First Step Rifle course, it provides in-depth training for all kinds of rifles. You get more instruction and a longer time on the shooting range. And, like the Basic Pistol course, you receive instruction on firing from different positions.

Handgun Selection

Choosing a handgun can be a bit challenging. Our instructors are here to help you select one that meets your specific needs. From how it fits your hand and body to how much you care to spend, we cover everything you need to decide.

We work with you and let you handle and fire several makes and models. The objective is to find the gun that best suits you. The program includes a four-hour "shopping and shooting" trip, with coaching and training provided along the way.

Defensive Handgun Training

You will learn to properly use your handgun for self-defense through a variety of concealed carry techniques. The class covers defense methods and tactics, emphasizing practical shooting.

The course is for people who have taken one of the first step or basic level courses, and it expands on training and interaction. Lethal force and what is considered proper use are also part of the course.

Tactical Shotgun

Designed for people who own and know how to handle a shotgun, this course provides self-defense and tactical instruction. A variety of firing positions and techniques are covered, as well as speed reloading.

Contact us to learn about our extensive pistol training courses and when the next one is available.