Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have never fired a handgun or rifle before. Where should I start?
If you want to use a handgun or rifle for home or self-defense, there are two parts that should be in your plan. First, you need to learn a bit about how handguns and rifles work, how to handle, operate, maintain, and store them properly. You can accomplish this through a course like the NRA First Steps Pistol or Rifle Course, which has two hours of classroom discussion followed by an hour of live firing.

Second, you will need to buy a handgun or rifle that fits you well and suits the use for which you want it. We can provide assistance in selection of a firearm and holster or storage system to suit your specific needs.

2. If I want a bit more training than that, what would you recommend?
Classes such as an NRA basic handgun or rifle course, or perhaps a two-day defensive handgun course.

3. Is the Utah concealed firearm permit valid in Washington?
Though both the Utah and Washington state websites say it is, there is another part of the law in Washington that says if you are a Washington state resident, you MUST have a permit from Washington state. So, yes it is valid in Washington, but only if you are NOT a Washington state resident.

Contact us to learn more about our handgun training courses are which ones are best for you.