Informative Concealed Carry Courses

Getting a concealed weapons permit is a big deal. Black Dawg Training in Olympia, Washington, offers concealed carry courses that will allow you to apply for your permit in a number of states.

Gun in Holster - Concealed Carry

Utah & Arizona Concealed Weapons Classes

Taught by certified Utah and Arizona concealed carry permit instructors, the course consists of four hours of classwork that covers safety, handgun handling, Utah and Arizona laws and rules concerning use of force, as well as deadly force.

Allowing You to Get a Permit

The course enables you to apply for a permit in five western states including Washington and Oregon. Prior handgun safety and operational training is required to take this course.

If you do not have written proof of previous training, you may receive acceptance after the on-site formal class. There is a maximum of 24 people per class. Costs vary depending on the location and what is provided to participants at the class site.

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